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City Planning and Development Office

October 13, 2020


The CPDO Formula

Our primary goal – changeprogress is anchored on the following formula:

A S K + A R E = C P

Attitude, Skill, Knowledge + Awareness, Responsiveness, Effectiveness = Change Progress

As the formula states, they are interdependent.

We firmly believed that “One can never be effective in his/her field of work if he or she doesn’t have the right attitude, proper skill and knowledge of the job.” These are the basic components of effectiveness towards change….progress.


What CPDO Stand For

¨ Integrity


Working cohesively with other local government agencies in our goal of providing services to the citizenry

Being an exceptional department capable of responding swiftly and efficiently to every task given by the Local Chief        

Executive as he carries out his desire of making the city a great place to live in.

Being a part of a local government organization which acts like a well-oiled machinery as it fulfills its duties and responsibilities to the people of Cabanatuan.

The City Planning and Development Office is a team of highly motivated professionals, constantly aiming for the highest level of excellence in every field. We are responsible for the city’s physical and socio-economic planning, including land use and zoning review; preparation of plans and policies; and     provision of technical assistance and planning information to government agencies, public officials, and the general public. The responsibilities of the City Planning and Development   Coordinator, who also serves as Secretariat of the City      Development Council, include advising and assisting the Mayor and the City Council in regard to all matters related to the development and improvement of the city as well as assisting the Mayor in the preparation of strategic plans that have long-term implications for the city.

As a catalyst for meaningful reforms, we strive to support proactively the enhancement the City Government’s capabilities, thereby, more easily achieving our shared dream of a better quality of life for Cabanatueñosss.